Isnin, Jun 15, 2009

EAsy ReadING


By Md Ha’azim Is’ad bin Md Jeff Azlan (1st June, 2009)

On 31st of May, my family and I went to Tutong for a family gathering at my grandmother’s house. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, my parents wrapped some presents. Then, at 6 o’clock, we tidied the living room. We arranged the tables and chairs. Next, we put some cakes, satay, bread, and other delicious food on the table. There were three birthday cakes with names on them. They were for my sister Miesya, my cousins Nazif and Baby Syaza and also Uncle Lamit. We sang the birthday song for them and then they cut the cakes. Miesya and Uncle Lamit’s cake was so big. Baby Syaza and Nazif’s cake was small but delicious!

At 7 o’clock, we started the event with some lucky draws. I was very happy and glad that I got a bottle of orange syrup! Then, we had ‘Guess the price and the amount of candies in a bottle’ game. My brother, Hazwan won the game, perhaps it was because he used to work as a cashier at the Giant Hypermarket!! Next, we had ‘Hitting a ball into a bucket using a hockey stick’ game. All my family members including my cousins tried to hit the ball but failed. Luckily, I was able to hit the ball and became the winner!! Then, we had ‘Reaching the ball in pairs’ game. In order to touch the ball, we had to be creative. We were given one minute to find anything around the area to help us! My parents did not win the game because they did not understand the game. However, my brothers, Hafiz and Hazwan became the first runner-up!! They tied their clothes together to reach the ball!

Next, we had ‘Find mobiles or hand phones in pairs’ game. My partner was my cousin, Kaka Ela. We had to find Uncle Pol’s mobile. I ran as fast as I could to Uncle Pol but his mobile was in his room as he had to charge the battery! My brothers, Hazwan and Haziq won the game. Then, it was time for the ‘Family Quiz’. My mother asked some questions about our family to us. My brothers and I won the game. Next, we had the ‘Musical Ball’ game. I won the game too! After that, we used a projector to watch pictures slideshow. We watched some pictures of our family members. There were also pictures of me when I was a baby! The pictures brought happy moments and also sad memories to us! Lastly, after dinner, we cleaned the living room. I put some rubbish into the bin. Uncle Mali and his wife, Auntie Nonon and also Baby Syaza went home that night but my family and I, including Nazif and his mother, Auntie Bungah slept at my grandmother’s house.

I loved and enjoyed the family gathering so much. I had so much fun giving gifts, winning and playing the games. All of us including my cousins were so happy that we got some presents! The presents were beautiful and meaningful to us because of the hardship my parents, brothers, uncles and aunties made to buy them! Thank you a lot for the gifts or presents! My family and I hope that family functions like this will be done again in the future.



By Md Haziq Ifwad bin Md Jeff Azlan (1st June, 2009)

On 31st May, I had a family gathering at my grandmother’s house in Tutong. First, we sang the birthday song to my sister Miesya, cousins Nazif and Baby Syaza and Uncle Lamit. At 6 o’clock in the evening, we played some games. The first game was ‘Guess the number of sweets in a bottle and the cost’. Then, we went to the garden and played the second game, ‘‘Hitting a ball into a bucket using a hockey stick’. Next, we played the ‘Reaching the ball in pairs’ game. There were lucky draws done by Auntie Bungah. There was also ‘Easi Recharge and BMobile Top-up the Fastest’ game. At the living room, we played the ‘Musical Ball’ game. Lastly, using a projector, we watched pictures slideshow. Thank you for the family gathering and the presents! Thank you so much!