Isnin, Jun 15, 2009

FuN REaDing@Yg ORi (EngLish KapAL COmposition Abg Ajim & Abg Adiq)

Family Gathering

I and my family went to tutong. At 5.00 p.m, my father and my mother raping a present. At 6.00 p.m, we made up living room and we arrange the table and put the cake, satay, bread and other delicious food. On the top of the cake, there have my cousins name and my sister is Miesya and my cousins is Saza and Uncle lamit and Nazif. We sing birthday song. My sister and my cousins, Uncle lamit, thier cake is big and they cut the cake. Saza and Nazif cake is small but it so yummy.
At 7.00 p.m, the first game is lucky draw. went finish the lucky draw, the second game is to guest how many candy and the coast. My brother win the game because he was the casher of Giant hypermart. went finish the guest the candy and the coast, the third game is scoring the hokky ball. My cousins and my family, they don't score the ball. I and my cousins is my auntie, scoring the ball. I win the game. My family play the fort game is pointing how to catch the ball. My father and mother they not win the game because they cannot understand the game but my brother win the game.
the fifth game is follow the handphone. I the first ran to Uncle Pol. Uncle Pol don't have the handphone because his handphone was charging. My small brother win because they have the handphone. After finished the game we want to check a lucky draw. After the lucky draw, my mother game is the six game is Answer my mother questions. I and my brothers win the game. The seven game is musical ball, I win the game too. After the game finish, we want to watch slideshow from projector. The slide projector is make me happy and sad. After finish, all my cousins went to go home and I and my family, cousins is nazif and auntie want to go bed.
I have my family gathering so much and the gift of the present's to our cousins. The gift is such of beautiful gift we have to buy. Thank you and the gift to you all. We hope this function will they make again.
I have a family gathdering. We was start to happy birthday cazent at 6.00 am. the family was to do the play game. The first game is acount how much the sweet on the bottle and how much the cost of sweet. the game of the second is play in the garden. the game of there is a hockey ball. the game of the game is pointing and find the long to the catch the ball. the my Anti was doing the lakidro and play the mobile Easi card. We play at the house compount. We play the muzical ball. and watch the sliet telivesion of the projecter.

Thank you for the family gathdering and thank to give the prasent and thank you so much